Artist Statement 

Through the lens of my camera, the landscape of the family farm and the interiors of our homes become a stage on which our costumed bodies play act ourselves. Over time, the camera has become a tool for facilitating intimacy between my family and me, a way of expressing the things that feel difficult in life, but through the camera are made possible. The camera primarily functions as a tool that crops. It flattens space, freezes time, and silences sound. Photographs crop out all that makes the world around us live - then, in turn, is the photograph a certain death? And if the photograph is death - what, then, does it mean to regenerate an image or to wear it as a costume? 

My practice attempts to challenge the role of the camera and redefine what the photograph can be in our contemporary image-saturated culture. Engaging a cross disciplinary practice, incorporating both contemporary and historical photographic processes, moving image, installation, performance and storytelling, I create images and environments inspired by my rural southern landscape and my family’s stories. The resulting works are a surreal collision of the past and the present and straddle the line between fantasy and reality.


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